Wood BuRNER Package Deals

Welcome to the Fire Shop’s offers page...

We have a wide selection of quality products and a range of offers to keep you warm at a stunning price!

All these stoves comes with a 5 year Warranty and are DEFRA approved!

We are OFTEC Solid-Fuel Approved and all work comes with a 6 Year Workmanship Warranty!

Check out our package deals.  Having no shop means we can keep our overheads down and pass the savings on to our customers.

Offer 1:
Stove Deal

£ 1450
  • Ascot 5KW
  • Henley Elcombe 5KW
  • Henley Lincoln 5KW Multi-Fuel Stove

Offer 2:
Stove Deal

£ 2350
  • Ascot 5KW
  • The Lincoln 5KW
  • The Elcombe 5KW
  • The Cambridge 7.5Kw

Offer 3:
Contemporary Stove Deal

£ 3100
  • Henley Zanzibar 5kw
  • Termatech TT20
  • Henley Druid 8 with Log Store