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Calculating the size of stove

In order to calculate what size wood burning stove is suitable for a room, measure the width, length and height of your room and then multiply the three measurements together, i.e. width 4m x length 8m x height 2.8m = 89.6 cubic metres (room volume).

If your room or house is new build and fitted with very good insulation, then divide the room volume by 25.

If the room has average to good insulation then divide the volume by 15.

If the insulation is poor or non existent, then divide the rooms volume by 10.

If in doubt use 15.

In our example above, the room is fitted with average insulation so we divide the rooms volume by 15 and the kilowatt requirement is shown to be 5.97 Kw.

Free Estimates

Upon receiving an enquiry, we would be pleased to offer a free estimate of supply (and in the case of installation) work necessary.

This may involve a visit to the customer’s house see Site Visits.

Site Visits

At The Fire Shop, we believe that it is important to understand the customers’ needs and none more so than when we are asked to handle an installation.

To ensure that we have the correct perspective on all requirements, we visit the customer’s home to take precise measurements and ascertain what is required in the way of flu sizes and other important factors.

Delivery times and working schedules will be arranged and consideration given to access and delivery logistics.

We aim to get it right – first time!